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Exclusive Sales Leads
No Monthly Duplicates
Exclusive Areas
No Long Term Contracts
$1,500 Minimum Monthly Income
Use of Highly Recognized Vanity Domains In Your Print Ads
Complete Lead Management Program
No refinance Deals

How it works:

The power and name recognition of and our other VANITY DOMAINS can be harnessed to maximize your Radio and Newspaper advertising campaigns. Imagine, you run our Radio spot or newspaper ad featuring in your area:

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A qualified car buyer in your selected area hears it on his way to work. He gets to his desk with the name "" indelibly implanted in his ear and promptly logs onto the web site. After he fills out the application, it is instantaneously faxed and/or e-mailed to YOUR desk! All you have to do is sell the car.

With our Premium Advertiser Package, every lead generated by your marketing of our Vanity Domain is free with the flat monthly fee. You get access to our user friendly Dealer Management System that allows you to view all leads received and even correspond with applicants via e-mail.

Don't bring a knife to a gunfight! Reserve a vanity domain today and get the most out of your advertising dollars
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